Our Process

Our Process for your Virtual Tour Success

  1. We discuss what you would like to achieve with your Virtual Tour and/or your Drone Video
  2. Check out your postcode to see if Drone Video is legal.
  3. Virtual Tours are available in any area
  4. We visit the property or business premises and shoot as many Virtual Tour images as needed and shoot as much Drone video as we need.
  5. We stitch the Virtual Tour images to make one final tour include hot spots to guide visitors through your business premises or properties. We can also add a call to action links such as email or phone me now. Also include popup windows that will show exterior or interior drone video. This will give your visitors a unique viewing experience.
  6. We process our video footage and produce a final Virtual Tour or Combination Virtual Tour and Drone video production.
  7. We host your Virtual Tour on our servers. Or you can host and set up links.       
  8. Once you have your final promotional Virtual Tour / Drone video, there   are a few ways you can use it to help promote your business, this will    help you capitalise on your investmen

Promoting Your Virtual Tour & Drone Video

Here are a few ideas to get the most from your  Virtual Tour or Drone Video. 

  1. Include your production in your website and your social media pages we can do this for you. If you need your website upgraded or if you need your own website we can also do this for you as well please visit Talking Web  Design.com
  2. We can also create a Face book business page, YouTube channel. And advise you on FB and Pay Per Click advertising.
  3. We can also create a QR code that can be scanned by a mobile phone and linked directly to your website or Virtual Tour. Please ask about our window stickers for property for sale or to let, vehicle, motor homes, caravan and boats.

 If  you would like us to link your final project to your website we can, or if      you need your website upgraded or need to create your own website please visit my other company Talking Web Design.com

We can also capture flat still image within our process so you can use any of the images in other applications at some stage in the future.  

 How to Promote Your Business or Properties you have for or Let.

Please contact us with any questions you may have relating to our 360 degree photography or Drone video and stills. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide quotes for work upon request